Custom millwork, signage, and more

Services We Offer Our Clients

Our building and fabrication services


Signage is the best way to attract attention and let people know who you are.  Whether it is a restaurant, retail location or simply wayfaring directional signs – make your first impression worth a second look.

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Themed Interiors

Ed Carey Design is qualified to take you from concept, even if it’s a napkin sketch, to completion.  A true turn key operation.  Creativity is a key component from beginning to completion, turning your vision into a reality.  

We often are asked, “How do you create an environment that will draw people in?” or “How do you get that feeling in this space?”   Read More

Custom Fabrication

Of course we use run of the mill construction materials, as everyone does. What sets us apart is our ability to challenge our artistic nature using materials considered to be outside the box.  We have a back lot filled with aged, weathered, re-claimed wood from sources all over the country. Read More