Custom Fabrication

Of course we use run of the mill construction materials, as everyone does. What sets us apart is our ability to challenge our artistic nature using materials considered to be outside the box.  We have a back lot filled with aged, weathered, re-claimed wood from sources all over the country.

Creating environments by using unusual materials is our signature and the space becomes a piece of art and a conversation piece.  The added bonus of allowing us to use our creativity is knowing that our designs help draw people into our clients establishments.  For example, in El Camino, Delray Beach, Florida, we used the 100 year old wood found during demolition to construct the bar and resin poured it to preserve the uniquely aged lumber.

Another creative feature is our use of metal – old and new, rustic and polished, in a variety applications.  Functional, as in table bases and decorative, as in artistic decor.  Metal pieces can add character and ambience to a space with the added benefit of both interior and exterior applications.